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2016-2017 Staff

David Lopez


The beginning of the end. That’s how I’d describe how I feel heading into my fourth year of journalism. I’ve had a lot of fun each year, and I’m sure that this year will be the same. I’ve witnessed this organization, Th...

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Audrey Palmer

Managing Editor, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Hi, I’m Audrey Palmer. I am a junior at Napa High School and this is my second year in Journalism. This year I am the Managing Editor. I am a swimmer, I love being outdoors, reading books, and meeting new people. Thanks for ...

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Patricia Arriaga-Rivera

Opinion Editor, Features Editor

I am the walking breathing version of the Lenny face. For the most part I procrastinate and read manga. Having been born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I know how to get crunk when needed; unfortunately Napa doesn't do crunk. I’ve b...

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Will Shull

Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Will Shull. I'm the sports editor this year and hope to be Managing or Editor-In-Chief next year. I'm currently a sophomore and I play baseball and water polo. My free time activities include sleeping, eating and tr...

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Owen Baker

Broadcast Journalist

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You managed to learn enough to pass the first grade. You should also already know that my name is his Owen Baker but again, that's assuming you can read. So, uh, yeah. Good talk. ...

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Travis Brayton

Broadcast Journalist

Hi, my name is Travis Brayton. I'm currently a freshman here at Napa High. This is my first year in Broadcast Journalism and I like to learn how to shoot videos. I play football and I enjoy listening to Kodak. Add me on snapchat...

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Cole Brown

Broadcast Journalist

My Name is Cole Brown, I am a freshmen. I am in Broadcast Journalism. I enjoy making videos, snowboarding, wakeboarding and Making Money.

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Lawrence Clark

Broadcast Journalist

Hello, I’m Lawrence. I am a freshmen at Napa High, and this is my first year in Broadcast Journalism. Even if  Broadcast Journalism wasn’t my first choice, it is turning out to be a good decision. When I’m not at school I am s...

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Kenji Deragon


My name is Kenji I’m a sophomore and I’ve wanted to take journalism since I was a little kid. I guess a lot of the influence came from my dad who was the editor for his high school newspaper his senior year and when I was ...

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Jasmine Domian

Broadcast Journalist

Hi, my name is Jasmine Domian, a freshman, and this is my first year being in Broadcast Journalism. I chose this class because I really like to write. My hobby after school is playing video games. I really love nature, so that...

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Grace Felder


What’s her story, you may be wondering, who is this guy? Well, take a seat because this is going to knock your socks off. My name is Grace and I have somehow been in journalism for 3 years. It’s been a wild ride so far, and th...

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Gillian Ferro


My name is Gillian and I’m a junior. This is my first year in journalism and I’m really excited to contribute to the news at Napa High. I joined journalism because my older sister recommended it to me. I really enjoying wri...

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Dylan Foster

Broadcast Journalist

Hi, my name is Dylan. I'm a freshman and I am 15 years old. This is my first year in Broadcast Journalism. I play football and baseball. If you successfully read to the end then you just wasted 2 minutes of your life.

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Henley Frommelt


My name is Henley Frommelt and I am a freshman here at Napa High. This is my first year of journalism and I love it so far. I am an athlete, I play soccer, basketball, golf and I swim. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music and I als...

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Johnathan Gadasy

Broadcast Journalist

Hello, I’m Johnathan Gadasy. I’m a broadcast journalist and I’m ready to take on any challenge. It is my second year and I’m ready for an exciting year. I am excited about using new and good equipment to record variou...

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Bertha Gallegos


Hola, I’m Bertha Gallegos, I’m a freshman and I’ve been an editor in the past but now I’m at the bottom of the chain. I don’t do much and I suck at writing, but yet here I am. Any whom, I also enjoy browsing the inter...

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Axel Gonzalez

Broadcast Journalist

Axel Gonzalez's many hobbies include collecting road kill, riding ponies at the fair, and eating really old food. Also, he didn't bother to write a short paragraph about himself.

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Wesley Gundlfinger

Broadcast Journalist

Hello, my name is Wesley Gundlfinger and I am a freshman at Napa High. I enjoy learning and watching movies. I decided to be in Broadcast Journalism this year because I would like to get the chance to film and edit. I enjoy using...

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James Margolis

Broadcast Journalist

Hi, my name is James Margolis. I hate anything that deals with class; I love annoying people. My favorite past time is burning stuff alive and blowing stuff up. I have 3 dogs that are all fat and lazy. I love sweet food and rea...

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Lili Mautner


Hi, my name is Lili Mautner.  I’m a senior at Napa High this year, and am finally in journalism!  Pretty sick class if you ask me. Let’s see, I think candy corn is a gift from the heavens, I adore the book In Cold Blood ...

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Ronnie Moore

Broadcast Journalist

Ronnie likes taking off her shoes and making sure all her toes are still there. Also, she didn't bother to write a short paragraph about herself.

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Emmanuel Ojeda-Lovato

Broadcast Journalist

Emmanuel Ojeda-Lovato enjoys braiding his nose hairs and giving his pet slug a massage. Also, he didn't bother to write a short paragraph about himself.

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Helena Parker


Hi! My name is Helena, I’m a junior, and I’m used to people hardly ever pronouncing my name right. Some of my hobbies include drooling over expensive clothes, exercising (and eating), and watching vegan documentaries. I’m obse...

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Jill Parriott


As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. You see, that’s why I joined journalism. By the way, my name is Jill Parriott and I’m a junior here at Napa High. This is only my second year but I’ve climb...

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Jessica Perez

Broadcast Journalist

Hola, my name is Jessica. I may be annoying sometimes but I'm a funny person, you see. I’m a freshman and of course this is my first year in Broadcast Journalism. I like playing soccer, although I may not be so good sometimes,...

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Cristyn Ramos

Broadcast Journalist

Cristyn Ramos hopes to lose all of her teeth before the age of 15. Also, she didn't bother to write a short paragraph about herself.

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Jay Robichau

Broadcast Journalist

Bonjour, mon nom est Jay. Je suis 15 et un étudiant en deuxième année au NHS. En dehors de l'école, j'aime courir Track and Field, jouer à des jeux vidéo et soulever des poids. En athlétisme, je suis un sens " Sprinter Shor...

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Daniel Rodriguez


My name is Daniel Rodriguez and I am a junior here at Napa High. With 16 years of life experience I live a chill life. I play for the Napa High Soccer team and it's pretty cool. My interests are soccer, music, and Pokemon. I e...

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Julian Sosa


My name is Julian Sosa and I am a junior at Napa High. Outside of school I play club soccer, but I also play soccer for Napa High, so you can say I'm a soccer player. I enjoy listening to any type of music. I determine the type ...

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Brynjar the Terrible

Adviser, Slayer of Fish

Through the icy fjords of Scandinavia, across the frigid waters of the Atlantic, comes Brynjar the Terrible!   Faced with starvation on the long sea voyage, Brynjar was forced to eat his own foot (which, seasoned...

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